White’s Ford Regional Park

I just received a note from Paul Gilbert, Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and who maintains a blog called Regional Parks.  The Authority is in the process of purchasing 275 acres of land owned by Confederate Lt. Col. Elijah Viers “Lige” White where White’s Ford stands.  The land is slated to be known as White’s Ford Regional Park.

Prior to the Civil War, White purchased a large farm there (he was originally from Poolesville MD across the Potomac).  A ford on the property became known as White’s Ford, and was used constantly by both Confederates and Federals throughout the war.  Following the war, White operated a ferry there called the “Jubal Early” – a ferry that is still in operation today.

I have always loved the nearby Leesburg VA area – I’ve been there many times, most recently this past summer when I spoke to the Leesburg Civil War Roundtable.  Whenever I make a visit, in addition to exploring the history of the area and surrounding Loudoun County, I never fail to make a stop at White’s gravesite in Union Cemetery and also at the ford to watch a ferry trip or two.

Elijah White, his 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, and cavalrymen and “guerillas” of the Loudoun County area have been a special interest of mine for many years.  I’m ecstatic that the Authority is able to purchase this land and save it for future generations – it is still pristine and can now remain so.

See Paul’s blog post here, including a beautiful photograph of the area.

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  1. J.D.
    Couple of other “goodies” that I mentioned on my blog when this first came out. The site is intended to link in with the Potomac Heritage Trail system. Thus in the foreseeable future, one could hike from the site of Rowser’s Ford, through Edward’s Ferry, past Balls Bluff, White’s Ferry, thence to White’s Ford. Sort of a Virginia version of the C&O towpath.

    Second, mentioned in the discussions is the site’s significance to both Elijah White and the Loudoun Rangers. I’d love to see the Rangers’ story get told by way of a more public display.

    Markers! More markers, I say!


  2. Just want to know if there is interest in Col. White’s home in Leesburg VA and saving it. It has a longer history than just his time there. It was built in 1763 and is known as Montresor and was home my grandparents owned. They had it as a camp and I have much more info. I am desperate to save this land and the house. I wonder if there could be anything you would know of to go about and make sure it is preserved? Please get back with me.
    Mrs. Ruth Sanchez

  3. Hi,
    I am very interested in Montresor. My great, great-grandmother is listed in Rusts of Virginia as being born there. I thought Montresor was a Rust home. I wonder why she would have been born there. I am relocating (from Pa)To Va. I saw that the home is now for sale for 1.4 million and is bank owned. It is a bit out of my price range.
    Anyone with info on the Rust family at Montresor?

    • Michelle, Paxson, Sue K, FS, – No dimeareesgnt here with any of you, who have all made very good points! I like Christie too, although he has stated emphatically that he will not run (six months is a long time in politics). Col. West certainly is the “real deal”, imo. Sue is right that some should be coming forward soon. Having Sarah Palin as chairperson to replace Michael Steele could be a very good idea, imo. She is a go-getter, enthusiastic and practical. We need someone like that to lead the Repubs forward for 2012. It is going to be a tough fight, with no resting on laurels.

    • I work for the post office and was delighted with the floating post office you highlighted! What a delight! I would so love to see it in person some day–thank you for the photos. And your pudding cake-divine!

  4. I too have been researching Montresor. My family is descended from the Douglas family.
    I have not been able to find much about it. No photos yet. I have a beautiful brochure that one of my relatives gave me. I hope this historic landmark was not destroyed.


  5. Hi, I have just looked again for the real estate listing on Montressor and it was removed in April, 2010. Does anyone know its fate?
    Did William Douglas build it? I still can’y figure out what the house has to do with the Rusts.

  6. I am doing research on Colonel William Douglas’ grandsons Hugh and William Byrd Douglas. Their father was a doctor who didn’t inherit Garrallan or Montressor, but their uncles did. I wonder if the house is still on the property? Please reply kakiholt@mailcom. Thank you, Katherine Douglas Holt

    • I am a descendant of William Douglas and his wife Elizabeth Offutt through their daughter Elizabeth or “Bettie” or “Eliza”. We visited Montressor yesterday (2-28-2015) near Leesburg, VA, saw and photographed the house and outbuildings. Elizabeth married William Dickson of Greeneville, TN and built a mansion for their only child, Catharine, in 1815-1821. They also raised Elizabeth’s nephews, sons of her sister Catharine Hale and her husband when they died.
      The Dickson-Williams Mansion in Greeneville, TN is a historic home museum and open for tours. There is a face book page and on several web sites.
      We would like to learn more about your connection and share our common family history.
      Mr. Beverly Lyle Williams

      • Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most vertyiac.

      • Basiu, jak Ty to robisz, ze zawsze u Ciebie takie piekne zdjecia? Precel wyglada rewelacyjnie!Bylam niedawno w Krakowie ale niestety nie znam go tak dobrze, jak Ty 🙂 Zajrzalam tu i owdzie, zjadlam cos dobrego i pojechalam. A, jeszcze kilka ksiazek kulinarnych nabylam w taniej ksiegarni :))

  7. Thank you for all this interest in my great, great grandfather Colonel Elijah Viers White. My great grandmother Inez White Gold married John Gold, the founder of The Wilson Times, and lived her life out in Wilson, N.C. She was an accomplished painter as well as a great lady,mother. I was born in Leesburg ,and then we moved to Wilson to help out with the family business. I am reading about my gggreat grandfather now because of the 150th Anniversary. After FINALLY reading The Comanches and more, I have grown to realize that the ” fake” super heroes and the real super heroes ie Navy Seals have nothing on my gggreat grandfather and his men. I thank GOD that he was not killed in “the war” and that he dedicated his life to Jesus as a Primitive Baptist minister after “the war” or I would not be her today. Morgan Dickerman

    • Morgan, I’m just looking on the internet about Col. White’s Ford Park in Leesburg to see if it would be suitable for a family reunion. I am a distant cousin to you. I have Inez White Gold in my family tree. My Great-Grandmother was Ada White Long, sister to Inez. Ada named one of her daughters Inez (who was my Grandmother). Small world with today’s media!

      • Linda- it is a small world. Thank you for contacting me. Would’ve more talk, but not sure how to go about this since I feel leaving contact info on this blog is not the way to go?

    • Что ты делаешь со своими соперниками, что они не сдают?)) Ты их вычисляешь и Ðѵ‘€Ð¸Ð´ÐÂÃлыв°ÐµÑˆÿŒ им ноги?)))

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