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Yes, yes – I know… “Where have you been, J.D.??”  I haven’t posted in a couple months simply because I’ve been busy finishing up the new book, and we’ve been very busy at the office.  In addition, I’m formatting an entirely new blog on a different host, and will post the link to that once I get it finished.

guide-coverWe’re now ready to release the information on the new book – it’s titled The Complete Gettysburg Guide.”  It is co-authored by master cartographer Steven Stanley (those of you who are members of the Civil War Preservation Trust will be familiar with the beautiful full-color maps that Steve does).  About 70 of Steve’s full-color maps as well as dozens of color photos are in the book.  It’s a larger size, 7×10, entirely in color, hardcover, and over 300 pages. 

This is the book that I’ve meant to do for many years.  I’ve long been dissatisfied with the tour books of the Gettysburg battlefield that are out there, because they miss so much of the field and the story.  With this book, Steve and I hope to rectify that oversight.  Here’s a listing of the detailed tours (including driving directions and GPS coordinates for many of the sites):

* The June 26 skirmish west of town between Early’s forces and the 26th PA Emergency Militia/Bell’s Adams County Cavalry, including the Battle of Witmer Farm (Bailey’s Hill)

* The main battlefield, all three days – including cavalry actions on the flanks on July 1, initial skirmshing in Pitzer’s Woods on the morning of July 2, and Farnsworth’s Charge on July 3.  My tour of the battlefield includes much more ground than even the Park’s driving tour.

* July 2 Battle of Hunterstown (much more detailed than the one that appears in the book by Eric Wittenberg and myself, Plenty of Blame to Go Around.

* July 2 Battle of Brinkerhoff’s Ridge

* July 3 Battle at East Cavalry Field

* July 3 Battle of Fairfield

* The Soldiers’ National Cemetery

* Evergreen Cemetery

* Three dozen of the most prominent field hospital sites surrounding the town

In addition, there’s a section called “Gettysburg on the Web” that details many of the best internet websites for the visitor and scholar.  And a whole lot more.

I’m so pleased that Steven Stanley has graced the book with his maps and photographs – the book is truly a collection of Stanley Gettysburg maps, and all in full color.

Publisher Ted Savas has a link on his website to a description of the book, (Update – click here for the Amazon page for the book) which will be available beginning May 15, 2009.  Here is a link to a video trailer featuring this and other upcoming titles from Savas.  Signed copies will be available, and Steve and I will have a limited number of 100 Special Signed and Numbered Gettysburg Editions available as well.  We will shortly have a website dedicated to the book, which will also be interactive.  I will release the link here once we have the site set up.

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