Galloping to Chambersburg

Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday) I’ll be heading off to Chambersburg to participate in Ted Alexander’s Mother of All Gettysburg Seminars.  There will be a nice reception Wednesday evening at Seminar headquarters (the Chambersburg Quality Inn).  On Thursday, Eric Wittenberg and I will be leading an all-day bus tour of Jeb Stuart’s ride from Westminster MD to Gettysburg.  Eric and I have a lot of fun leading this particular tour, and we enjoy showing folks sights that people rarely get to see (or understand).  One of them is a recent addition, and something that didn’t make it into the tour in our book – the precise location of the initial skirmish that started the Hanover fight of June 30, 1863.  Working with local historians and pouring over old maps and road traces last month, I was able to finally re-discover the route taken by Capt. Thaddeus Freeland of the 18th PA Cavalry’s rear guard detail, and where the clash happened between his troopers and an advance guard of Col. John Chambliss’ 13th VA Cavalry.  We’ll be showing the folks that location.

On Friday, Eric and I are going to make a run to the DC area to check out Ft. Stevens and several other sites.  Saturday I have a tour or two I wish to attend, and in the afternoon Eric will be leading a walk of Farnsworth’s Charge on South Cavalry Field.  Then on Sunday morning, Eric and I and others are participating in a panel discussion entitled “Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Stuart’s Ride Revisited.”  I’m looking forward to that.

Many of the country’s top Gettysburg/Civil War historians are participating, and it’s great company to be in – Ed Bearss of course, Ted Alexander, Joe Bilby, Eric Campbell, Steve French, Gary Kross, Dave Martin, Ethan Rafuse, Richard Sauers, Dean Shultz, Wayne Wachsmuth, and Jeff Wert just to name a few.

I look forward to seeing many friends at the conference, and making many new ones.  I’ll give a full report next week when I return.

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  1. for teams that didn’t have a good TE- he was replaced by someone. Look at your personnel- that’s the easiest way to determine the type of offense to run, You can’t have a slow QB and make him a Spread Option QB- he’d get killed! It’s that old cliche: don’t try to fit a round peg in a square hole. All have their advantages, as well as their didagvantases, as well. That’s where execution comes into play- the team that makes the fewest mistakes wins.

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