Hanover battle reenactment raises $7,500 for Adams County Land Conservancy!

The following article is from the Hanover Evening Sun of July 8.  The July 3 Battle of Hanover reenactment, which I narrated and helped coordinate, raised $7,500 for the Adams County Land Conservancy.  The article estimates that over 700 folks attended, a terrific crowd.

The link to the article is here.

Battle of Hanover re-enactment raised $7,500

Evening Sun Reporter

Article Launched: 07/08/2008 11:30:08 AM EDT


Organizers of one the biggest re-enactments of the 145-year-old Battle of Hanover ever held here said they were delighted with the outcome and said they are looking for more of its kind in the future.

Last Thursday’s “living history” battle at the Sheppard farm south of town featured 200 re-enactors, from all across the country and as far as England and Germany, who re-created Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart’s delay in getting much-needed help to Gen. Robert E. Lee in Gettysburg.

Some historians contend the Hanover battle, though critical to the Civil War’s outcome, is often overshadowed by the Battle of Gettysburg.

The re-enactment not only gave the estimated 700 people who attended an up-close journey through Hanover’s past, but netted about $7,500 in proceeds to benefit the Land Conservancy of Adams County.

“I hope everyone had a good time,” said Sharon Sheppard, who along with her husband Peter, donated their property and time to the event. “After it was over, everyone had a smile on their face.”

Sheppard and her husband’s own ancestors played a key role in the June 30, 1863, battle and she said she was particularly pleased at the historical accuracy of the re-enactment, which started Wednesday with an encampment at Union Mills, Md.

The four-part 50-minute re-enactment was narrated by noted Civil War author J. David Petruzzi of Brockway.

“I think having the battle scene narrated with the element of historical accuracy made it a far more enjoyable product,” Sheppard said.

She attributed the event’s success to teamwork involving re-enactors, including Charlie Doutt, of Roaring Spring, Pa., who played an instrumental role in bringing the event to fruition. She also thanked Union Mills officials, vendors and local municipal officials who cooperated with the logistics, such as dealing with the traffic to ensure safety.

Re-enactors on horseback Thursday morning made a 10-mile trek to the Sheppard farm on a route close to the original.

Sheppard said she was also very grateful to landowners who allowed them to travel through their properties as they made their way to Hanover.

Mark Clowney, vice president of the Land Conservancy said his organization was “very proud” to be involved and thanked the volunteers who made it possible.

“We are new to the Civil War re-enactment world, but find that both conservationists and re-enactors have similar goals,” he said in an e-mail.

“We can respect them for their love of history and portraying an important part in our country’s past and they can respect us for trying to protect the land on which history took place.”

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