Hanover and Hunterstown events, July 2-3

This morning I had the great pleasure of speaking with Capt. Charlie Doutt of the 2nd US/9th Va Cavalry reenactor unit.  Charlie is in charge of the ride/reenactment/living history of the “Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg” event taking place at Union Mills MD and near Hanover PA this July 2 and 3.  Please see the unit’s webpage on the event here.  (Be sure to see Captain Charlie’s updates page here.)

Charlie is putting together three terrific reenactment scenarios for the July 3 event – the initial encounter at Gitt’s Mill between Jeb Stuart’s horsemen (the 13th Va Cavalry) and a rear guard of the 18th Pa Cavalry of Judson Kilpatrick’s division; the Battle of Hanover (June 30, 1863); and the Battle of Hunterstown (July 2, 1863).  I am very honored and humbled that Captain Charlie asked me to narrate the events for the crowd that day.  There will be a PA system set up for the narration so the spectators can easily hear and see everything.  The events will be taking place on the historic Sheppard Farm.  Be sure to see the website for details, and also my previous post on this event here for information on how to attend, how to get tickets, and the schedule.

On Saturday June 29, Captain Charlie and I will walk the Sheppard Farm grounds and set up the battle scenarios and coordinate the narration and action.  I’m very much looking forward to participating in the event.  Up to 200 mounted cavalrymen, as well as a few artillery pieces, are expected to be there – if you really want to be impressed by a top-notch, serious cavalry reenactment unit, please come and join us!

In addition, I’ve asked my buddy Mike Nugent, who will also be attending, to conduct some seminars at the cavalry encampment on cavalry equipment, weapons, tactics, etc.  Charlie and I will also be working out the details of that.  Mike, a former armored cavalry officer, is extremely knowledgable in these areas and spectators will get a world-class education about what made the mounted cavalry tick during the Civil War.

I’ll post more updates here soon, and please consider attending this event – the “boys” are sure to impress.


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