With apologies to Becky…

Tonite I got a call from my good friend Dave Moore of Gettysburg.  I’ve known Dave now for nearly 15 years, and he was one of the groomsmen at my wedding along with Eric, Mike Nugent, Steve Basic, and Dwayne Siskey.  Dave and his wife Carol’s home on Herr’s Ridge is generously offered as a base of operations for each of my visits to Gettysburg, and they both have been priceless friends to me.  Eric, Mike and I often stay there and Dave loves nothing more than to go battlefield stomping – wherever that battlefield may be.

The reason Dave called was because the cases of our new book One Continuous Fight: The Retreat From Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, July 4 14, 1863 arrived at his home today.  Since Eric, Mike and I are doing several book signings in town this weekend, our publisher Ted Savas had 800 of the books sent to Dave’s house.  There are 100 copies for each of us, and the rest are copies ordered by Gettysburg stores and the Visitor Center bookstore.  There are 67 cases of books in all.

Needless to say, that many cases takes up a lot of room in Dave’s garage.  The books arrived this afternoon by UPS, and the driver needed help from Carol unloading them because it was so much for one person to handle.  The UPS driver made the comment that he was glad he didn’t see any cops around, because his truck was seriously overweight for the roads he had to take!  The entire truck was taken up by this one order, and I guess his tires were quite flattened!  Hilarious.

Dave and Carol’s 16 year-old daughter Becky passed her driver test today, so Dave allowed her to drive the car back home later by herself and – since Dave didn’t know the books had arrived – Dave told Becky to pull the car in the garage to get some practice.  Apparently, when she put the garage door up, she had to call Dad that there was no room for her to get in there – it was all taken up by a “bunch of boxes”!

So, our apologies to Becky.  You will be able to pull in the garage once we get the books out this weekend.

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  1. J.D.,

    No truth to the rumor that Dr. Dave has already sold the books on the black market, and is now living in a big new mansion somewhere in the Tropics. 🙂 As for Becky…Congrats on getting her license. Makes you wonder where the time has gone the past few years.

    BTW, and IIRC, first time all of us will be in Gettysburg at the same time since you got married.

    See you Thursday.


  2. Sixty-seven cases of books. About 12 books per box. Presumably packed in the standard milk crate sized shipping boxes. That’s roughly 30 feet of 4 foot high brestworks.

  3. LOL, Cas – good cover for a small-sized company, I’d say 🙂

    Steve, we have GPS tracking on Dr. Dave at the moment – if he goes near any black market locations, we nab him!


  4. Dr. Petruzzi:

    I am very interested in the Danville Raid in which 1st Mich Cav and others participated immediatey after Appomattox.
    I live 40 miles from Danville, VA and 20 from Appomattox..Little if nothing, is found on this action.
    As I understand, this was the action prior to the Grand Review
    Am I out of line in thinking this was a check on the Danville Tobacco Warehouse prisons?

    Clarke Scott
    Altavista, Virginia

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