It may be sunny, may be cloudy, it might rain, and it might not…

I’ve always had a secret desire to “do the weather” on TV – you know, stand in front of that blue screen and point and gesture here and there.  That would be very cool.

Well, it looks as though I might have a chance to appear on The Weather Channel on a TV near you…

Except I won’t be showing you where the next big storm is coming from.  Instead, I may get a chance to indulge the Civil War passion on the channel – that’s right, a Civil War related show on The Weather Channel.  As Eric posted yesterday, we’ve been asked by a staff researcher of the station to provide information for one of their upcoming shows in the How Weather Changed History series.  The show will focus on how weather affected the campaign and battle of Gettysburg, and we’ve been told that we will be interviewed on camera for it. 

Yesterday when I spoke with the researcher, Ashley Saluga, we had a nice talk for about a half hour.  I gave her information about Prof. Michael Jacobs, an instructor at the time at the Pennsylvania College (now Gettysburg College).  For decades, Jacobs kept detailed records on the daily weather in Gettysburg.  I have copies of those and have passed them on to her.  Also of special interest to her was the weather during the 10 days of Lee’s retreat from the field after the battle, and our new book One Continuous Fight contains much primary-account detail of the affects of the weather.  That book will be featured somewhat for the show, and I’m hoping we can mention our first collaboration Plenty of Blame to Go Around on Jeb Stuart’s ride to Pennsylvania, since that book discusses the prevailing weather conditions as well.

Eric and I will post more on our respective blogs when we know more of the details.  Ashley informed me that we’ll be doing the filming sometime this summer.  I hope it’s done in their studios – maybe at some point I’ll have the nerve to run over to one of their blue screens and start doing an impromtu weather forecast.  It could be an interview for a job!  Move over, Jim Cantore!  (Okay, actually I’d be happy if I could just get one of those way cool Weather Channel jackets and a fisherman’s hat.)

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  1. J.D.,

    I’d be up for some WC bling as well. 🙂 Have a great weekend in Gettysburg.


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