Bollixation and a’ Fixin’

Okay, don’t ask me if “bollixation” is actually a word.  If it isn’t then I just made it up.  And I’ll take credit for it.

We are doing the very last, last, last edits for the Retreat from Gettysburg book (did I mention they’re the last edits?) from the publisher’s page proofs before they go off to the printer shortly.  Over the weekend, publisher Ted Savas and I discovered a few passages out of place in the text of a few chapters.

Like with all complex books, it is amazing how many small things need to be tweaked and fixed, including a few passages that were out of place, or seemingly so without proper transitions (which we have now added).  So for those of you who received galleys of the book for review, if you notice any of these – remember it is unedited but is now corrected.

Because I, Eric and Mike know this material so well, some things slipped through “assumed” as we wrote.  When Ted and his editor pointed out a few of these, I was able to help them correct and smooth out a few places so that even a reader completely new to this area of study will be able (hopefully!) to follow it all.  The entire process never ceases to amaze me.

And I have to hand it to Ted Savas and his crew at Savas Beatie – they’ve made it so easy to polish the book to a point we could have only dreamed it would go.  Publishing has become like life in general – there will never be a point at which I stop learning!

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