Writing, writing, and well… writing

So, guess what I’ve been doing lately?

My apologies for my lack of posting the past few days.  Last week, co-author Eric sent the printed galley of our book One Continuous Fight for me to edit.  I finished it Friday (after re-writing a couple pages that we needed to fix, and modifying a couple of maps) and then forwarded the galley to co-author Mike Nugent.  The book is nearly 600 pages without the index, and I spent a total of about 10 hours over three days going through it.  Once Mike is done going through it, Savas makes our changes and off to the printer it goes. 

Cartographer Steve Stanley completed the maps for the four-map study of Buford’s cavalry (1st and 2nd brigades) at Gettysburg on July 1 and 2 that will appear in this July’s issue of America’s Civil War magazine.  I went through them all Friday, approved them, and they’re set to go along with the narrative that accompanies the maps.  Plus, I also finished an accompanying feature article on Buford in the entire Gettysburg Campaign that editor Dana Shoaf asked me to do.  I got that done yesterday and sent it off to him.  I have a few more pictures for the article to send, and that will complete the project.

I also got started on a couple articles based on our new book that will appear in several magazines this summer, in support of the book’s release.  One (which we completed a few months ago) will appear in the July issue of Gettysburg Magazine, another in an upcoming issue of Civil War Times, and we’re submitting another for North&South.  More than simply excerpts, these are stand-alone narratives of several of the very interesting actions that took place during the retreat from Gettysburg, such as the battles of Monterey Pass, Funkstown, and Falling Waters, and also the saga of one mortally wounded Confederate officer that we believe readers will find fascinating.

So, a new book appears soon but there’s no time to slack off!

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  1. JD,

    That’s great news about an article on Funkstown. Although i’m eagerly awaiting the book, i’d hoped the project would spawn an article on the engagement.

  2. Thanks Don. We’re really hoping that the focus on the articles out of the book brings more prominence to these interesting fights. Individually and collectively, they tell the story why events progressed as they did during the retreat.

    Raven Rock Road, Monterey, Funkstown, Boonsboro, Williamsport, Falling Waters etc are not as prominent in the pantheon of “names” of the Gettysburg Campaign as are Little Round Top or Devil’s Den, but we’re hoping that even more light is shed upon them.


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