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Eric and I have been working pretty hard the past week or so putting together our sources for the book on Jubal Early’s 1864 Raid that we’ll be starting soon.  As of tonight, our bibliography just reached 15 full single-spaced pages.  We’re not nearly done gathering material, and it wouldn’t shock me a bit if the bib nearly doubles in size by the time we’re done.

Contemporary newspaper sources alone already take up an entire page of the bib.  Eric put up a couple posts recently on his blog regarding the online searching of papers we’ve been doing, as well as putting our researcher on more at the Library of Congress.  Marc Leepson, in his recent book on the Battle of Monocacy, didn’t use a single newspaper (other than a couple quotes from a Harpers issue).  Not a single paper.  [Correction (see comments section): Leepson did use a half dozen contemporary newspapers or so, but they are not listed in his bibliography.  One can find them, however, cited in the pertinent footnotes.] 

As usual, Eric and I have been finding some of our best material in these papers.  We employed very heavy use of newspapers for our books on Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg and the Retreat, and they added immensely to the story.  In my opinion, authors who do not use, or choose to ignore, the contemporary accounts in newspapers do so at their own peril.  Soon, I’ll be putting a page for the Jubal Early Raid book up on my personal website so folks can get early information and particulars about it.

On other fronts, the third printing of our Stuart’s Ride book just went to press.  We couldn’t be happier with the sales of this book.  Its first printing sold out 5 days after release back in September 2006, and the second printing just got exhausted.  Thank you to everyone who purchased the book and for the many kind comments we’ve received and continue to receive!  It certainly sparked an enormous amount of discussion on Stuart’s ride and his role in the Gettysburg Campaign, and that’s what we truly wanted to see.

The book by Eric, Mike Nugent and myself on the Gettysburg retreat – One Continuous Fight – is going to the printer this week for galley.  We’ll be receiving the galleys to edit, and various book clubs will be looking at it for inclusion in this year’s offerings.  From the pdf files of the book I’ve seen, our publisher Ted Savas has done a wonderful job laying it out.  Everything is on track for a May 1 release.

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  1. “Marc Leepson, in his recent book on the Battle of Monocacy, didn’t use a single newspaper (other than a couple quotes from a Harpers issue). Not a single paper”

    I used a many contemporary newspaper accounts in Desperate Engagement, just as I used tons of other primary source materials, including diaries, journals, letters, the Official Records, and memoirs.

    Here’s a partial list of the newspaper sources I used in the book:

    New York Times, July 9-21, 1864
    Richmond Daily Dispatch, July 11-26
    Boston Herald, July 9-14
    New York Herald, July 10-14
    Louisville Daily Journal, July 11
    Franklin Repository (Chambersburg, Pa), July 13
    Valley Spirit (Chambersburg), July 13
    Baltimore American, July 11-14

    And contrary to what Eric said in his blog, I did read and quote from many National Tribune articles of reminiscenses of Union veterans from the 1880s. I replied to him with a list and page by page citations from the book.

    In fact, the title of the book came from one of the Union veteran’s articles in the National Tribune.

  2. Hi Marc,

    Great hearing from you – I apologize publicly to you if my comment is incorrect. What throws the reader in this case is that none of the issues appear in your Bibliography. I will go back to it and check, and if I’m incorrect then I stand corrected.

    Those papers provide a wealth of great material, don’t they? As I posted, we’ve now pulled several dozen newspapers that have give great material on the entirety of Jubal’s Raid, with heavy emphasis on Monocacy and Ft. Stevens.


  3. Marc,

    I just checked your book – even though there is an “articles” section in your bibliography, none of those you listed above are in there. In fact, there isn’t a single newspaper listed, only magazine and journal pieces. In looking through your footnotes, I see some of the papers above are noted here and there, however. But I’m curious why you chose not to list them in your bib – certainly there’s room for only a half dozen. I don’t think the public can be blamed for looking at your bib (which many do to get the scope of one’s research) and then concluding that no papers were utilized. It appears that that’s the reason why I’ve heard so many point out that you didn’t use them – folks don’t see them listed.

    Incidentally, I just checked the most recent version of our working bibliography, and we have 35 contemporary newspapers with primary accounts listed thus far.


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