“One Continuous Fight” pre-sales brisk

We’ve been watching Amazon.com’s page of our upcoming book on the Gettysburg retreat lately, and it’s been showing that pre-orders for the book have been pretty brisk.  This afternoon, we saw the book ranked at about 38,000 (out of over 4 million books), which placed it about 50 in the Civil War category.  If it were ranked on the Gettysburg category (it isn’t yet, but will be soon) that would have placed it at #4.

For a book not coming out yet for another 3 months, it’s selling wonderfully.  Eric, Mike, and myself are both humbled and gratified that anticipation is so high for the book.  There is a lot of buzz “out there” over it, and we couldn’t be happier that folks are looking forward to its release as much as we are.

Published in: on February 1, 2008 at 5:39 pm  Comments (4)