Ranger Mannie – Reader of People

My best Ranger Buddy Mannie put up a nifty post yesterday about the “bloggers” who have recently graced the Unofficial Official Bloggers Cannon in front of the Antietam Battlefield Visitor Center, complete with neato pictures.  Scroll down to see the one from the summer that features Eric, Dimitri, and yours truly.  I was tickled when I read Mannie’s first impression of me:

J.D. on the other hand has that more cool Dean Martin, Italiano, approach to life, always cool, always “yeah baby”, at least that’s how he struck me at our brief meeting at the blogger gun. J.D.’s blog. “Hoofbeats and Cold Steel” (how cool is that?) can be reached at: https://petruzzi.wordpress.com/

Do I really say “yeah baby” all that often?  Hhmm, maybe I do.  Anyway, he’s probably right about my approach to life and the Italiano reference.  They don’t get more Paisan than me.  If it isn’t made with garlic, olive oil (the imported Italian, not that crap on the store shelf) or homemade tomato sauce (called “gravy” mind you), I don’t eat it.  Last night, my typical 10pm snack was a proscuitto sandwich, with black olives and pepperoni on the side.  Sometimes I’ll spice things up a bit with a couple slices of gabbagool.  Uh, that’s “capicola” to you Americans.  You see, Italian is spoken rather quickly, and it becomes more blended phonetics than strict pronunciation of consonants.

Dean Martin – oh yeah.  When I don’t have The Beatles or AC/DC in the CD player, it’s Dino or Francis Albert.  What else is there?

Yep, Mannie, I guess you have me pegged.  Can’t wait to bring my cool self back to Antietam and tag along on another of your tours!  (I’m the cool, laid-back, yeah-baby dude in the white shirt.)

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  1. Folks,

    No truth that when J.D. was here in NJ last month, the words “Leave the Gun, Take the Canolis” were ever said. 🙂

    Dean Martin…Guess I must be Joey Bishop..:)

    Hope all is well.


  2. “Yeah baby. What’s for supper?”

    Yup. Manny has him pegged Steve.

    I’ve never met a bigger chowhound. JD can clean a plate more thoroughly than a beagle.

    You better watch it my Paisan. LOL
    Ever have the Polish version of “Gravy”? I still have festering, gnarly looking shellfish wounds on my forearms from you and Nugent firing dead crabs across the table at Dave & Jane’s Fairfield fish palace.

    Great post JD! I got a kick out of it!


  3. Steve,

    Nope, I never said that, and I will deny it to the FBI or anyone else who might bring up such a silly notion!



  4. Sorry, Stosh… you should have told me, we could have had Dr. Dave look at those combat wounds!

    Hey, those steaks (both of them) that I had at the Petestreet Estate one night last month were terrific!


  5. J.D.,

    Never said you did. 🙂 Forgive me, as I need a vacation, which will officially start in 4 days. 🙂

    Stan, Hope you are in town for the festivities as well. It would be nice to see you also.

    Hope all are well.

    Regards from the Garden State,


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