Back after a breather

My apologies to the many folks who have written and wondered what in the world I’ve been up to these past couple months.  I guess I’ve been busier than I should be!  Over that time, Eric, Mike Nugent and I finished up our new book on the Retreat from Gettysburg, and I’ve spoken to Round Tables in New York City, Stanford CT, and Harrisburg PA.  Plus, this past Saturday, Eric and I gave an all-day bus tour of Stuart’s ride to Gettysburg to the Harrisburg CWRT. 

For a time, I’m on a self-imposed break from writing and speaking, just to catch my breath.  There’s a ton of work on the horizon, though – another series of books for Eric and I, numerous joint magazine articles (we recently have worked on three), and a number of solo articles.  I’m back in the saddle as far as blogging is concerned, and I have quite a number of subjects to speak about.

Something very exciting came in over the weekend – the newly designed cover of our new book.  Called “One Continuous Fight: The Retreat from Gettysburg and the Pursuit of Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia, July 4-14, 1863” will be released by Savas Beatie LLC this coming June (in time for the Gettysburg Anniversary).  We took a great deal of time finalizing the subtitle of this book, to emphasize that our narrative deals in detail with the pursuit of the Confederates – all too often, the retreat is seen as only that – a retreat.  The efforts by the Federal army to pursue is often forgotten or missed.  We have put together a narrative (18 chapters) of the 22 battle and skirmishes during the retreat that have never been done before, our conclusion, an epilogue that discusses the period after both armies cross the Potomac after July 14, and two immensely detailed driving tours… one of the Wagon Train of Wounded, the other of the main armies.  Along the way, each conflict is dealt with in detail.  The book will be about 550 pages long, nearly 200,000 words.  The footnotes alone are around 30,000 words, virtually another book in themselves. 

We couldn’t be more proud of it.  Those familiar with the book by Eric and me on Stuart’s ride to Gettysburg will recognize that the cover of this book is similar – since the two books “bookend” the Gettysburg battle and are a set match.

Soon, we will be launching the website we will have for this book, and I’ll be releasing more details about the book as time goes on.

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  1. Welcome back buddy. We missed you 🙂

  2. J.D.,

    If this is as good as your last effort, then I can’t wait! Good luck with the project!

    Mad Wargamer

  3. Glad to see you’re back, JD!

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