Update: Gettysburg Retreat manuscript

Since we announced the near-completion of this manuscript, I’ve been getting lots of inquiries as to when it will appear.  By Eric Wittenberg, Mike Nugent, and lil ‘ol me, One Continuous Fight is slated to be released by Savas Beatie LLC by next year’s anniversary.  We’re just about finished wrapping it up.  Over the past few weeks, Eric and I have been adding in a wealth of material that we’ve aquired.  Just to give you an idea of the scope of the research, the Bibliography – in Word, single spaced – is currently nearly 30 pages long.  The vast majority of it is primary source, much of it never used before.  We have used a huge amount of letters, diaries, and reminiscences that have not been published.

Early in September, I’m making a visit to the Historical Society of Frederick County (MD) to gather materials they have for us to use.  They have a large amount of primary material in the form of diaries and letters, and once we work that into the manuscript, we should be finished.  In a couple weeks, Eric, Mike and I are running the driving tours of the retreat routes one more time just to make sure everything is correct and see if there’s anything we need to add to it, such as sites and topographical changes.  The book features tours of both routes – the Wagon Train of Wounded and the route of the main Confederate army.

The Forward was written by none other than Retreat guru Ted Alexander.  We received much assistance from Ted, especially in laying out the tours.

The book will feature lots of photos, great maps by Ed Coleman, and the quality book always produced by Savas.  We think our discussion concerning Meade’s decision-making during the pursuit of the Army of Northern Virginia from July 4 to July 14 will interest readers and spur discussion just as our companion volume on Jeb Stuart’s ride to Gettysburg.

The complete manuscript will be in Savas’ hands no later than late September, and I’ll keep readers posted on its progress.

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  1. Looking forward to doing a read and a review for you guys in the FLS.

  2. Terrific, Michael – thank you. We will make sure you get one at release.


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