“Farnsworth’s Charge” – Right vs. Wrong

In the new issue of Blue&Gray Magazine just on the shelves (Summer 2007, Special Gettysburg Issue) is printed the letter by myself and Eric Wittenberg refuting Gettysburg LBG Andrea Custer’s revisionist theory on the charge.  Behind it is Custer’s response to us.  Our original letter was about 5500 words, but it had to be edited down to 2500 for the issue due to space limitations.  Therefore, later today, Eric will be posting the entire 5500-word response on his blog

Either tonite or tomorrow, I will be posting here our additional refutation of the points she makes in her response.  We believe that her theory (published in B&G last summer) about the location of the charge and timing of Farnsworth’s death is incorrect and easily disproven by the evidence.  In fact, the evidence is easily used against her theory.  In her published response, Custer makes assertions based on our letter that need a reponse.

My apologies again for the lack of posting over the past couple of weeks.  I spent most of my free time last week working on revisions of the manuscript on the Retreat from Gettysburg by myself, Eric, and Mike Nugent.  As Eric has posted on his blog recently, we’ve changed the scope of the book a bit, and we believe it is now a truly scholarly account of the retreat as well as the decision-making of the leaders of both sides.  I’m also currently working on one of the appendices to the book, a narrative of Federal Cavalry Corps commander Alfred Pleasonton’s role in the three Councils of War that Meade called during the campaign – we think it will be quite interesting, and a subject never explored in such detail before.

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  1. Realistically, when will the “retreat” book be published?

    Also, I read, previously, that you will work on a comprehensive multi-volume work on the cavalry operations at Gettysburg. Is that true, and when do you think volumes would begin appearing?

  2. David,

    The retreat book will be published by the anniversary of the battle next year. The complete manuscript will be in the hands of our publisher by August 31.

    We will then start working on the three-volume set.


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