“The Gettysburg Encyclopedia” by Savas-Beatie

I had a nice conversation earlier today with Theodore “Ted” Savas of Savas-Beatie LLC, publisher of the Stuart’s Ride book by Eric Wittenberg and me.  Savas is currently working on a huge publication to be called the Gettysburg Encyclopedia – like an encyclopedia, it will contain articles of all things Gettysburg… actions, personalities, units, monuments, you name it.

Ted has honored me by naming yours truly the Cavalry Editor for the work.  Hhmm, I don’t think there’s any more money in it, and my fan club membership probably won’t get much of a bump, but it’s truly an exciting duty.  I’ll be pulling together everything needed to produce articles on all things Gettysburg Cavalry for the book.

Ted estimates that the book will end up being nearly 1,000 pages, chock full of maps, photos, etc.  A truly terrific and ambitious project and resource of all things Gettysburg.

I’ve already recruited fellow Cav Guys Eric and Mike Nugent to come on board, and have some other folks in mind as well.  Watch Savas Beatie’s website for more specific details on this project in the months to come.

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  1. Hey JD!

    Can I help??????


  2. Jim,

    I’ll put Ted in touch with you.


    • Th’tas the best answer of all time! JMHO

  3. Vendo agora o peso dos carros não é difícil não apontar Vettel como faotvior.Merece destaque, também, o Hamilton. Foi muito bem com um carro ligeiramente mais pesado.

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