Bringing ’em down

Today I received another of the many donation appeals from the Gettysburg Foundation (Friends of Gettysburg).  The Foundation is soliciting matching funds to finance the removal (or burial, actually) of two sets of electric powerlines on the battlefield.  One is a line from near the Trostle Farm to the Taneytown Road, and the other is the line leading from the Rest Station near Devil’s Den to the Slyder Lane (that’s one I can’t wait to see gone).  With all the tree clearing going on the past couple years, these lines have become exposed and unsightly.  If you are aware of the wonderful impact the dropping of the lines along the Emmitsburg Road and other places have made, perhaps you can find it possible to contribute to this.  If you’re a member of the foundation, you should also be receiving your appeal, and if not, you can check out their website.

As the appeal states, a generous person has committed up to $200,000 in matching funds (paying for half the $400,000 project), so each dollar you can give means two bucks. 

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  1. J.D.,

    I heartily agree about the removal of the power lines in the Devil’s Den area. When I first saw the area after the trees were cut down, as many times I had been in those woods, I never even noticed them. Now they stick out like a sore thumb, and I think it would be a fine thing if folks donated what they can to make sure they can be dropped down. As you mentioned about the lines on the Emmittsburg Pike, what a difference it made when they were placed underground there.

    Did this missive say anything about the removal of the bathrooms on that piece of land??

    Hope all is well.


  2. Hey Steve,

    I think they’re keeping it there – on the map provided, it’s identified as a Comfort Station, and if they’re burying the line to it, I assume it will stay.

    As you know, we have a new name for the thing – “The Devil’s Sh*thouse.” 🙂 You couldn’t really see it until the tree cuttings, and now it all does stick out prominently.


  3. J.D.,

    🙂 If they were smart, add a patio bar to the Comfort Station. Now that all the trees are gone and there is no more shade, they’d make a mint selling adult beverages there. 🙂


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