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I received a nice comment from a reader identified as “Gunner54” on a past post I’d made about Lt. John H. Calef of Battery A, 2nd US Artillery.  Gunner54, who appears to be a knowledgable fellow from across the pond (perhaps in or near Twickenham, England?), has a blog called “Fifty-Four.”  At the top of his home page, you can click on his Battery A, 2nd US Artillery blog, wherein he has a well-done piece on Calef’s service at Gettysburg.  Here is Gunner’s comment:

Nice to see John Calef getting the coverage he deserves, well done. I have been reseaching the Civil War service of Company A, 2nd Artillery – the battery Calef was in command of during the Gettysburg compaign – for several years. I have a short history of the battery on my blogsite, plus a chapter length reconstruction of the battery’s part in the Gettysburg campaign.

Thanks, Gunner – I’m impressed with your blog and I put a link to it here.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the link.

    I have just got back from a few days off. I will do a write-up in the next couple up of days of your excellant site.

    Could you remove my name from the write-up of my blog please? I write now and then about infringements of our civil libities over here and prefer anonimity.

    On the Civil War side I have several more chaptors ready to go on the blog. I’ll let you know when they get posted.

  2. Thanks, Gunner, I look forward to them – and I deleted your name from the initial post here.

    Do you ever get on this side of the pond?


  3. I haven’t been to the US since 1998 (when I took the field as a re-enactor during that year’s Gettysburg re-enactment). I must come over again soon as I need to do more ‘on the ground’ research for my book – particularly, in the National Archives.

  4. Just uploaded another Civil War artillery page on my blog:

    ‘Action Front!’. The Constitution and Deployment of a Union Horse Artillery Battery during the Civil War.

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