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Over the past week or so I’ve received several very nice emails regarding my article on the Battle of Fairfield (July 3, 1863 just a few miles from Gettysburg) that appears in the new (July) issue of America’s Civil War magazine.  Folks have been telling me that they never knew the ferocity of the fighting there, and how Confederate Brig. Gen. William “Grumble” Jones’ Laurel Brigade all but decimated the 6th US Cavalry that day.  I appreciate everyone’s comments about the article and I’m glad that so many found it interesting.

The editor of ACW, Dana Shoaf, recently gave me a few projects to work on for the magazine, one of them an article about – drum roll please – Civil War blogging!  I think it’s a great idea.  Just over the past few months, some really terrific new Civil War-related blogs have appeared recently, and along with the several that have been around for years, there’s truly a lot of interest in writing and reading the blogs.  I’ve already done some research into the history of blogging on the internet, and plan to begin the article with that information.  I think such an article will be very timely (Dana tells me it might appear in the November issue) and interesting to a large segment of the online Civil War community.

I’m starting the article this weekend and hope to have it in Dana’s hands soon.

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  1. JD,
    This does seem to be getting more and more attention from mainstream media. Harry Smeltzer had a brief article on Civil War blogging a few months back as well.
    I wonder if this is going to raise a relative value of various media types debate similar to the one on amateur/ professional historians that pops up from time to time.
    I wouldn’t think so, because any one or two blogs don’t have the breadth, scope or focus to compete with the magazines. But you never know.
    Personally, I’d be thrilled about it if I was a magazine editor. It would seem to be a goldmine of potential articles.

  2. I think it’ll be fun to do. I’m going to point out that blogging has really become the way to get up to date information, and of course the wide variety of opinions among the bloggers on various issue is interesting and often makes for lively debate. It’s interesting, too, how blogging has begun to replace the “regular” old website for providing real-time information.


  3. Blogs have really helped me learn more about history by motivating me to process and validate bloggers posts. However, some bloggers do an awful job of presenting unbiased information and it seems their intent is to maintain divisiveness along racial and political lines. Kevin Levin does the best job out there of really criticizing anything related to the Confederate memory. This is evident in the concentration of his subject matter as well as the lack of depth of providing any context or a variety of issues on the CW. In addition, he is unable to defend his position under criticism signalling an unflexible platform for debate. Maybe he can learn from the more balanced bloggers that you can elevate the history of one part of the South without denigrating another, but I’m highly skeptical of his ability to do it.

  4. Hi Jim,

    I do know that Kevin would defend himself against the criticism that he is “anti-South” as he has done on his blog. In fact, he has a post a few days back addressing this issue.

    All in the reader’s eye, I guess.


  5. Yes I know JD. Where there’s smoke, there is fire. He defends himself because there is truth to his bias. The funniest part is his response to valid points which is usually just outright censorship.

    Here’s a surefire way to determine his objectivity. Try and find a blogger with ancestral ties to the Confederacy to echo his viewpoints. My guess is that you’ll be looking for a very long time. Thanks, Jim

  6. LOL Jim, good point there 🙂


  7. JD – I look forward to seeing your article on blogging.

    I think you hit the nail on the head (at least one anyway) when you stated “how blogging has begun to replace the ‘regular’ old website…”

    I maintained a “Battle of the Wilderness Virtual Tour” website for several years, and it even got mentioned in two editions of the book **Civil War on the Web**; still, I found it very cumbersome to make updates, etc., and after awhile, not much really changed.

    I tried a webiste last year as an archive for my old “Medical Department” columns for The Civil War News, but again found I was paying a lot of money and not taking advantage of it.

    I’m really pleased with how much easier it is to maintain an update my new blog at:


    Keep up the great work!

    Jim Schmidt

  8. […] More unto the Bloggy Breach It appears with this announcement that America’s Civil War magazine will once again broach the topic of Civil War blogging.  Hey, […]

  9. I jumped into blogging three months ago as a way of send out announcements and background information to the readership of my hard copy Civil War miniature wargaming magazine I publish. I have since started added little stories and anecdotes and other material. It’s fun, but it’s also hard at times to keep coming up with fresh material. Still, it’s a great communications device.

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