New blog: “Civil War Medicine (and Writing)”

Another new blog folks!  Reader Jim Schmidt put a comment on my last post, and I checked out his blog – which he just started a few days ago.  Jim writes that he is a chemist, and works in the Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics department of a drug company in Houston TX.  Jim has been published in several leading magazine for years, and currently has the Medical Department column in The Civil War News.  His first book is coming out next year.

Check out his blog.  I read through it this morning and was duly impressed, and you will be, too.  Welcome to a fellow writer/turned blogger, Jim!  Blogging will keep you creative and your writing fingers nimble!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words JD! I look forward to corresponding with you.

    As far as writing goes, I think you, Eric, and I (and others out there) are definitely “kindred spirits.”

    I have a plan to offer a “Historical Freelance Writing 101” course of sorts through the blog. I got some great advice when I started out and now after 10 years of writing, I hope I can do the same for others.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks, Jim, and I think the writing course is a great idea. I never really had any “professional” training – I just try to write the way I like to read it, and I hope that comes through and that others like it as well. I was, however, in my high school’s debate club many moons ago, and in my senior year rose to the #2 ranked debater in the nation. So, I did a lot of speech writing and that was very good early training.


  3. JD

    As far as writing – esp. “style” – goes, I never had any professional training either.

    I guess what I was specifivcally referring to was explaining/teaching the process of taking a magazine article from “cradle to grave” – that is, from idea to published piece.

    I got some excllent mentoring when I first started out and it took a lot of the “mystery” out of the process.

    I hope I can do the same.


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