“America’s Civil War” Magazine Battle of Fairfield article

Yesterday I received my copy of the July issue of “America’s Civil War” magazine, which features my new article on the cavalry battle at Fairfield, Pa, just a few miles behind Lee’s lines at Gettysburg.  The fight between the 6th US Cavalry and regiments of BG “Grumble” Jones’ Laurel Brigade took place on the afternoon of July 3, 1863, just as Pickett’s Charge was raging a few miles to the northeast.

The folks at ACW did a terrific job laying out the article and adding pictures of several items related to the battle and the veterans.  The whole issue is filled with great Gettysburg material.  If you don’t subscribe, please check it out at your local newsstand.

Now owned by Weider History Group, ACW (as well as sister magazine Civil War Times and others) has been getting a radically new look over the past year or so.  I think most of the changes are for the better, and it’s obvious they’re putting a lot of hard work and thought into their article and feature presentations.

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  1. JD – Congrats on the article! Do you know if **World War II** magazine (once part of the Primedia family) has also changed owners? I know they definitely changed editors. We get the magazine at our home, and I’ve noticed a definite change.

    Keep up the great work!

    Jim Schmidt

  2. Hi Jim,

    It did – Weider bought all the Primedia magazines. They’ve been making a lot of cosmetic changes lately… you might notice that many of them are taking on a similar look to Weider’s “Armchair General” magazine, the one that Weider began several years ago.

    There’s definitely a new look among all the magazines as far as illustration presentation and layout.


  3. JD,

    As always, congratulations on the article.

    Can I be extremely rude and ask if you could pdf me a copy, like you did a while back with the one on Alf. Of course, feel free to tell me what I can do with my request, if it would cause too much trouble.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hey Mark,

    Unfortunately I can’t get a PDF of this article, but if you could email me your mailing address again, I’d be more than happy to send a copy of the issue to you. No trouble at all.


  5. JD,
    Really enjoyed the article, as usual. Did you have an entry on Starr on the Buford’s Boys site, or did I see it somewhere else? I’d started working some bio stuff on him, but have this nagging feeling someone already did.
    Also, I have the complete CWSS file for the 6th if you’re interested.


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