New little “Buddy”

After the passing of our family’s long-time friend, our beagle Jenny, a couple weeks back, we felt a large black hole looming around the house.  She was the fourth member of the family, and her death was really felt deeply.  Especially now that’s it’s spring ’round these parts in Western Pennsylvania – she loved to be outside, and would be with me while I mowed the grass, worked in the garden – basically anything outside.  Everything that I’ve done outside over the past couple weeks has been lonely as hell without her.  When I mow the lawn, I keep looking around for her by instinct, but of course she’s not there anymore.

On Monday afternoon, the better half and I went out to lunch in a neighboring town, and afterwards she led me in a subtle way toward a pet store at the mall there.  We looked over the dogs they had there – and we both couldn’t help noticing a cute little 2-month old Dachshund.  He had beautiful coloring and other than his nervousness, a terrific personality.

I urged my wife Karen to have him taken out of the pen and hold him a while.  Well, I’m sure you know the rest of the story.

Needless to say, after a half hour, one final shot, and about $700 later (thanks for being there, Mr. MasterCard) we went home with him in our laps.  “So, what’s his name?” I asked Karen.  Without hesitation she said “Buddy!”

Our daughter, who was very close to our beagle, was due home from school within an hour of our arrival home.  Karen called her on her cell and told her to come straight home, since there was someone at the house who wanted to see her.  When Ashley walked in the house, Buddy was waiting for her on the floor of our living room.  Ashley was sold right then and there – and as it turned out, Buddy was the dog she had looked at and wanted a few days prior while at that pet store.  We had no idea, because she hadn’t told us about it.

Amazing how things work out.  Welcome to the family, buddy, and once you get used to the loud sound of my riding mower, that weekly chore won’t be lonely anymore.

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  1. That is great story.

  2. That’s great news, JD. Congratulations on the new addition.

  3. First of all, let me say thanks for mentioning and linking to my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far. And, since I am a new reader of your blog, I was unaware that you live in western PA. My family is originally from Somerset County and I still have a lot of relatives in that area. Thanks to the US Marine Corps my family relocated and stayed in eastern North Carolina. I love NC, but I try to go back to PA as often as possibly. My wife, a lifelong southerner, loves Pittsburgh. Hoping to get up there in mid-June. Anyway, guess I just had one of those “its a small world” moments. Congrats on the new pet, too! We love our dog as well, so I can certainly understand where you are coming from.

    Andrew Duppstadt

  4. JD:

    My family just got me a Dachshund puppy for my upcoming birthday. They are great dogs. Enjoy my friend!


  5. J.D.,

    I guess this means that the family were not to cool about adopting me as a replacement for Jenny. 😉 Oh well. 🙂

    Congrats on the new addition, and I love the name.


  6. Let me add to the congrats, J.D. Now get started on building a slew of good memories with Buddy. People who don’t share our love of pets can never understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to one and and how exhilarating it is to welcome another into the home. Good luck!


  7. JD,

    Our worlds are running parallel all of the sudden.

    Saturday we cut a check – in the same neighborhood as yours – for a 17 year old Tennessee Walker. He entered our pasture and proceeded to walk directly to our remaining thoroughbred. We were fearful – until they started licking each other. 🙂


  8. Thank you, folks, for the good wishes and kind words. The puppy has been great, and he’s a member of the family already. He’s getting more and more used to his new home each day. I hope he has a very long life with us.
    The training is going to start soon – sitting, rolling over… and if I can get him to do the laundry, we’re home free!


  9. JD…Seems to be a universal experience. I never had a pet when I was a kid (save a hermit crab I picked up on the beach at Corpus Christi…it didn’t last long).

    We had our little Yorkie Ginny for 13 years until she was lost in a hit-and-run last summer. Yesterday we picked up our new little Yorkie-mix at the shelter.

    She’s still a little sleepy from surgery but she’s starting to perk up and were all anxious to get to know and love our new family member.

    Jim Schmidt

  10. Buddy is sleeping in my lap here at my office as I sit and write at my desk. He’s really gotten attached to us (and vice-versa!). He’s been terrific so far about sticking close – we haven’t had to use a leash yet since he walks right along with us and doesn’t stray. That may change, of course, but it’s amazing to watch how he sticks right at your feet.

    He loves to explore the house, though. As small as he is, it only took him two days to figure out how to hop up each step and go upstairs. He’s a fast learner! Last night I started the hard road (for Dachshunds) of training him to sit, etc. His attention span is pretty short, so I’ll take it little by little.

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