Very tough week

My apologies to my readers for not being active the past few days.  On Tuesday night, our little dog Jenny (11 year-old beagle) passed away after a difficult fight with an aggressive cancer.  It wasn’t diagnosed until that day.  After midnight Tuesday, Jenny fought for every single breath, and finally she gave out as I, wife Karen, and daughter Ashley held her in our arms.  I have a hole in the pit of my stomach right now that makes it difficult to do very much.

On Wednesday afternoon, after about 4 hours of fitful sleep, Karen and I laid her to rest beside our home, where we can say hello to her each time we come and go.  Jenny was my third dog – I had to put each of the first two to sleep, the first when I was about 17 and the second when I was about 28 or so.  This one was especially difficult, since we of course couldn’t get her back to the vet that time of night in order to end her suffering.

Good night, Jenny.  We loved you so much.  One day I will walk through another door, yell out “Jenny!!” like I always did when I came home from work, and I will look for you to come running once more.  Then we won’t have to say goodbye again.

Jenny Lynn Petruzzi (1996-2007)
Our faithful little buddy.

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  1. JD,

    Unfortunately, I know all too well what you’re feeling. Hang in there, bro. It gets easier.


  2. JD,
    My condolences on your loss. The gamily sheltie is steadily giving me grief (something about a small stuffed sheep) as I attempt to type this, and I can’t imagine the family without him. Coming home without a “where’s my boy?” just wouldn’t be the same.
    The cavalryman in me says mount back up and get another one, but you’re going to need some time first. Why is it that it gets harder instead of easier after the first one, I wonder?


  3. It sure does, Don. My wife has already said that we need to start looking for another little baby. It’s certainly not a replacement, but the void around here is tough to deal with.

    You’re doing great work on the blog, by the way – I read it every day and I’m very impressed with your posts and research.


  4. JD,
    Thanks, I really appreciate the support that you and Eric have provided. I still feel like I’m rushing to post instead of waiting an extra day or two for things to gel. Conscious fighting against my tendencies of “perfect is good enough,” I suppose, and the learning curve’s been pretty steep.
    Have all of your dogs been beagles? I grew up with one, but was away in the army when she died.

  5. J.D.

    As I’m typing this, my “little buddy” is sitting next to the computer (of course it’s not out of devotion but because he wants the popcorn I’m eating), but I’m dreading the day his time ends. I’ve had dogs my entire life, but I’ve never gotten as attached to one as I have Rosebud (he is a male, long story about the name). I think it’s probably because he’s the first “inside” dog I’ve ever had and also because my other dogs were around when I was growing up. Keep your chin up.


  6. J.D.

    Should edit these things better. I meant that they were around when I was away from home so I didn’t see them everyday.


  7. JD,

    My heart goes out to you. Without your permission – but I’m certain your blessing would be there – here is an e-mail my wife sent out yesterday:

    “I am sad to report that my beloved horse, Lady Traveler, was humanely euthanized yesterday just before sunset in her pasture following a brief illness. She was 24 years old. She will be greatly missed by our family and especially by her pasture-mate Charlie. I will especially miss my friend whom I raised from birth since I was a young girl. We grew up together and she has been a constant source of love and companionship for me throughout most of my life. I feel blessed that I was there when she was born and that I was with her when she took her last breath. Now she gallops on the winds of the heavens.

    In loving memory of Lady Traveler
    Arab/Quarter Horse mare
    Brandy x Don’t Bar Gin
    Born at Great Oaks Farm June 12, 1982
    Died at Great Oaks Farm April 22, 2007
    Forever loved and missed.”

    Traveler was born in the same field where she now rests. She spent all her life there – never once having left the property.

    If you recall my comments about our horses on Eric’s site, well, you know I’m sympathetic towards your loss.

  8. Don,

    This was the first beagle. My first was a medium sized poodle, the second a Shih-Tzu. They all were the most loving dogs imaginable. Amazing personalities.

    Jenny came with my wife and step-daughter, so I really feel as though I’ve lost one of the new family our marriage created. It gets a little easier each day, but her presence is sorely missed around here.


  9. Thanks Rob – I too knew that it would be very, very difficult when her day came. We just never knew it would be this soon – but then who does?

    Jenny stuck to me like glue, and loved being outside with me. This past weekend, when I spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday outside doing spring yard work, was the loneliest in the four years we’ve been at our new home.


  10. Wow, Phil, please give my wife your best. Like her, our daughter Ashley grew up with the dog. Jenny’s passing was rough on me and my wife, but for Ashley it was especially difficult. Holding her as she passed was one of those life lessons your kids have to go through, but you simply hate watching.


  11. To mark a friend’s remains
    these stones arise.
    I never knew but one–
    and here he lies.

    Lord Byron, inscription on
    monument for his beloved
    dog Boatswain

    “Old men miss many dogs.”

    Steve Allen

  12. Thanks, Matt – I appreciate that… and Steve Allen was quite perceptive 🙂


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