Tom Perry and Jeb Stuart – Brothers in Spirit

My good friend Tom Perry, Jeb Stuart biographer and driving force behind the saving of both Stuart’s boyhood home and his memory, has recently come out with a new book.  Titled Stuart’s Birthplace: The History of the Laurel Hill Farm, the book is a treasure trove of information about Stuart’s family, ancestors, and of course his home in Patrick County, VA.  On Wednesday, I received my copy of the book (which gave me a little something to read and take my mind off having to just bury our dog, as I posted below) and I am very impressed.  The book is softcover and self-published, but a wonderful read and resource.  I will be purchasing Tom’s other two books about Stuart. 

Tom’s website is the, and I encourage you to take a look at his site and consider ordering his book(s).  In my opinion, the information he’s put together really deserves to be collated into one book and nationally published.  But thank goodness that for now we at least have the work that Tom has done.  You can also sign up for the free monthly newsletter via his website.

Wonderful work, Tom.  You deserve all the kudos you receive and you’re a top-notch Stuart historian.

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