Elijah White rides again

Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, I’m off to Columbus, Ohio to speak to the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable.  My topic will be Elijah White and his 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, one of my favorite partisan units of the war.  Before Mosby’s Confederacy became, well, Mosby’s Confederacy, it was actually White’s Confederacy.  White and his motley band were truly a thorn in the side of the Federal commanders in Northeastern Virginia during 1862, before Mosby came to prominence.

Today, I came into possession of a copy of Volume 1 of a book called Battle-fields of the South, published in London in 1863.  It’s by “An English Combatant,” identified only by the initials T.E.C. and that he was an artillery officer with the Confederacy.  The book is listed on Google’s Book Search, but a search of internet sources turned up little on the book, and nothing on the author.  There’s a great section in the book on White, and some long quotes from him from a supposed conversation with him after a scout to Baltimore in October 1862.  Has anyone else heard of this book, and have any information about its author?  I can’t locate information on the second volume either – whether it was published or not.  If anyone has more information about these book(s) and the author I’d appreciate hearing about it.  The book gave me some great information about White to add to my talk tomorrow night.

My sister and her husband live in Columbus, so I’ll be staying at the brand new home they just built, which I’m really looking forward to seeing.  I’m staying through Saturday afternoon.  On Friday, I’m speaking at the luncheon of a church group that they set up, so that should be interesting.  The group has requested that I wear my Civil War cavalry officer’s uniform, so my talk will be about both reenacting/living history, and research and writing.  Should be enjoyable.  The group will get to see some of the “toys” involved in a living history presentation.

I’ll post a report sometime Sunday evening after I return.  Hopefully when I get back the Western Pennsylvania weather will have turned back to something resembling springtime!

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  1. Enjoy the trip!

    There are some nice files on White at the Historical Society in Leesburg that I used for my chapters on White’s cavalry in Ironclad’s new book. There was material from earlier in the war that I did not use that might be of interest to you.

    You should write a small book on the man. Fascinating personality!

  2. Hey J.D.,

    Saw your picture on Eric’s blog. Just wanted to let you know that high forehead look becomes you. I should know, as I’ve had more head than hair now for the past 25 years or so. But with all the ACW war we accumulate, something has got to give.


  3. Of course, that should be all the ACW knowledge we accumulate.

  4. I am the Executive Director of the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and we just release the news last week that we are in the process of buying the home of Elijah White, a property that we will call White’s Ford Regional Park. You can see some of the news of his on my blog at http://regionalparks.blogspot.com/.

    I would be very interested in any research you or your readers have on Col. White. We have some accounts, but will be doing much more research into White and his property.


    Paul Gilbert

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