New book – “The Maps of Gettysburg”

Yesterday, I was notified by my publisher of a new book arriving soon.  “The Maps of Gettysburg” is by Bradley Gottfried, and published by Savas-Beattie LLC.  Ted Savas gave both me and Eric Wittenberg the opportunity to review sections of the book and the maps – especially those of the cavalry actions.  Eric and I were able to assist with the text regarding the cavalry actions, and to tweak the cavalry maps so that they’re very accurate. 

There’s an interesting history behind this new work.  Brad had contracted with two cartographers throughout work on the book, but found in the end that it was more feasible to do the maps on his own.  He was able to learn the software very well, and produced each of the 140 maps himself.  They look fantastic.  The book is set up to be easily used and understood – each left-hand page contains text that describes the action of an original map on the facing page.  You don’t have to flip through the book to find a map or follow the action – everything is right in front of you.

Eric and I were both honored to be asked to place our imprimaturs onto the cover jacket of the book.  In effect, I say (and confirm) that this book is the NEW field guide for Gettysburg, and both novices and afficianados (as well as the more expert) will love this book.  Finally – finally – we have all the Gettysburg maps under one cover. 

For all the graphics in this book, it’ll be very reasonably priced – just around $35 and it’s hardcover, large size – 7″x10″.  This book could well have cost twice that. 

Click here to see Savas-Beatie LLC’s page on the book, and reserve your copy today.  I see great things happening for this book, and it will be a must-have for the Gettysburg bookshelf, plus one you’ll never visit the battlefield without having handy.

Great work, Brad, and I really look forward to holding this one in my hands when complete.

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