Article on the Battle of Fairfield

The July issue of America’s Civil War magazine will feature my new article – which is about the cavalry battle at Fairfield, PA, on July 3, 1863.  It took place at about the time of Pickett’s Charge.  Fairfield is about 8 miles southwest of Gettysburg, and was behind Lee’s Confederate lines.  About 400 6th US Cavalry troopers under Maj. Samuel “Paddy” Starr fought against several regiments of Brig. Gen. William E. “Grumble” Jones’ Laurel Brigade, and the Federals were nearly decimated.  Over 250 of the Federal troopers were killed, wounded, or captured.

The fight was just a sideshow to the big show at Gettysburg, but an interesting scrap nonetheless – and two of the Federal troopers were eventually awarded the Medal of Honor for their heroism that day.

In chatting with the magazine’s illustration editor today, Lori Flemming, I learned that the issue is going to include photographs of some very neat items connected with the battle – I can’t reveal them, so you’ll just have to see for yourself!  The July issue should be available to subscribers and on newsstands about the middle of May, so please watch for it.

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  1. JD,
    That’s great news. I’m looking forward to the article, I haven’t been to Fairfield on any of my Gettysburg visits.
    Does this mean the winnowing process is complete on this one, or was it a different article that you were condensing/ rewriting for magazine publication?
    I tried to email you about the muster rolls, but I don’t think it went through. Status on those for the 6th is still “servicing” as of this morning.

  2. Hi Don,

    This is an article that I actually completed last year – the one I’m wrapping up is on the battle of Hanover on June 30.
    I don’t believe I got that email – can you try it again?

  3. Hi JD,
    Will do on the email. If NARA fills this order and gets it to me soon, I’ll be happy to look up the returns for this time frame first so you can cross-reference them. When is a good drop-dead time for that, or all we already there?


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