Now that’s dedication

Civil war historian emeritus Ed Bearss has more zeal, dedication, and energy at his advanced age than I’ll ever have.  A few days ago I saw information that recently he’d broken an arm during a slip on ice while giving a battlefield tour, then continued giving a tour on another field that day.  Ed had to be convinced to seek medical attention rather than continue even further.

Big baby I am, I’d probably run screaming to an emergency room as soon as I broke, say, a finger.

Ed’s stamina continues to amaze me to more I hear such stories.  A good friend of mine in Gettysburg, Dean Schultz (a locally famous chap who knows more about the area than anyone) recently went on a long hike up a huge mountain near Emmitsburg, MD where the Union Army had a signal station during the Gettysburg Campaign.  Ed apparently ran up the mountain, a trek which would have killed most men half his age.

Whatever Ed eats and drinks, I want a lifetime supply of it.  What a guy.

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  1. He’s a Marine. ‘Nuf said.

    Semper Fi.

  2. I met Dean Schultz on a magical afternoon on “the lost” Avenue at Gettysburg.

    After talking with him for two hours (two hours of not being able to tell what was bullshit and what was factual) I was enthralled.

    What a guy and what a spirit.

    I wish him many more years of prowling the battlefield.


  3. Phil,

    That’s the answer!


    Knowing Dean as well as I have for many years, unless he tells you afterward that something was bullshit, it was all true 🙂 I guess he knows so much about the area, that it’s just hard for the rest of us to tell.
    I’m in Gettysburg 8-10 times a year, and any trip without spending at least a little time with Dean leaves me feeling like I missed something.


  4. J.D.,

    I once did a tour of The Battle of Gaine’s Mill, and he focused on the attack made by the Texans there, and after describing the action asked all to join him in the run up that ground. Naturally, I sort of petered out halfway up. He just took one look at me and said in that voice of his, “You are not a Texan!”. 🙂

    Hope all is well.


  5. LOL Steve, doesn’t surprise me a bit. My next tour with him would have to be supplemented with vitamins and energy drinks!

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