My “BufordsBoys” website

I’ve received several emails from folks telling me that my personal website, BufordsBoys, has been down for about a week.  As I’ve explained to the inquirers individually, I took the site down instead of paying my web host about $300 for the next annual renewal – because they’ve been having major technical problems.  My host is in Gettysburg (of all places) and for the past year and a half their technical problems have made it impossible to edit the site at all.  Last year, I paid my fee expecting the problems (which had gone on for about 6 months) to be resolved soon – but they weren’t.  So, when I got my bill a couple weeks ago, I told them to stick it and take down the site.  I can only imagine what all their otherwebmasters have been doing – if they have any left at all.

I’m currently looking for a new host – so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.  The entire site is saved in my hard drive, and there are a ton of updates and additions waiting to go in the FrontPage program.

In the meantime, if anyone really needs to see something on the site, you can go to the Wayback Machine search here.  Just type in and you’ll get a list of data from the site that you can go to.

And again, if anyone has suggestions for a web host, please let me know.  I have several ones in mind but would like opinions before I settle on one.

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  1. JD –
    I use DotEasy.Com – they have a wide range of plans, including free. We pay for the big plan but even that is cheaper than what you were doing. Email me if you have any specific questions from a user standpoint

  2. JD,

    Ask me….


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