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As my co-author Eric Wittenberg also posted last week, we have an article in the current issue of the Gettysburg Magazine adapted from our book on Jeb Stuart’s ride to Pennsylvania.  This particular article details the clash at Westminster MD between Stuart and about 95 troopers of the 1st Delaware Cavalry, and Stuart’s subsequent camp at Union Mills.  Readers will see some differences between the article and book chapter however; we have more detail in the article from sources that came to us since the book’s release.  Likewise, the article’s focus is a little different – rather than from the southerner’s perspective like the book, the article is more of an objective battle and tactical analysis.  Each complements the other well, I think.  Folks will like the additional details about the 1st Delaware’s commander Maj. Napoleon B. Knight (he turned out to be much younger than Eric and I originally thought prior to acquiring details on his life) as well as the new map that accompanies the article.

New editor Andy Turner is to be commended for this, his first issue of the magazine since Bob Younger’s passing.  If this issue is any indication, the magazine is in good hands and I really look forward to future issues.  For a while there over the past couple years, the magazine’s trademark scholarship began to sink.  There were some really poorly-researched and interpretated pieces in it… one recent article on Gen. Francis Barlow’s fight on the first day on the knoll that now bears his name was extremely poor.  But I believe Andy will be more conscientious about letting such garbage get through than the previous management, and the magazine will be known once again for the best Gettysburg scholarship available.  If you don’t currently read the magazine or have a subscription (there are two issues per year) please consider doing so.

Ed Bearss, who leads off each issue with his interesting introduction and assessment of the issue’s contents, had great things to say about our article.  Eric and I truly appreciate Ed’s kind words and appreciation for our work.

Eric and I are also currently working on an adaption of our chapters on the June 30 fight at Hanover PA for North&South Magazine.  We’re excited about this one.  That will make three articles total based on the book – one in Civil War Times (Feb. 2007 issue) on Fairfax Court House and Westminster, the Gettysburg Magazine article on Westminster and Union Mills, and the Hanover one.  Eric and I are also considering doing one about the resulting controversy surrounding Stuart’s ride, based on the three chapters and conclusion devoted to the topic in our book.

All of this is evidence of the great deal of interest in our book, and we could not be more appreciative nor humbled by all the attention it has received.  I’ve been learning that a book is often like having a child, and watching it grow.  This one’s turning out to be a good kid, and I’m very grateful.

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