Plenty of “Plenty”

I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday – the four-day weekend was rare and welcome.  Today we’re back in the saddle here in the office, and even a four-day vacation goes quicker than you think.

As co-author Eric Wittenberg recently posted on his blog, our book Plenty of Blame to Go Around: Jeb Stuart’s Controversial Ride to Gettysburg is currently being featured in one form or another in a lot of the Civil War print media at the moment.  An adaptation of our chapters on the fights at Fairfax Court House and Westminster is the cover/feature story of the current issue of Civil War Times magazine.  Eric and I would like to thank editor Chris Lewis for this opportunity, and for his interest in the article.  A very positive book review by esteemed historian Jeff Wert is the lead review in the new issue of America’s Civil War magazine.  I hold Jeff’s opinions in very high regard, and appreciate his analysis of our work very much. 

The new (January 2007) issue of The Gettysburg Magazine features an updated adaptation of our chapter on the Westminster fight.  Eric and I wrote this article with the magazine’s concentration on the Gettysburg Campaign in mind, and we included some more primary sources that came into our hands after the book’s release.  Folks who read this particular article will truly have the most updated scholarship on the June 30, 1863 fight at Westminster between Stuart’s cavalry and less than 100 upstarts of the 1st Delaware Cavalry.

Coming soon will be a special issue of Blue&Gray magazine that will feature our historiography of Stuart’s ride and driving tour.  Eric and I look forward to this particular effort, in which we’ll really be able to showcase the battlefields and the ground.  For folks who have already read our book, I think they’ll truly appreciate what we’ll be able to do with the narrative and the tour. 

All in all, it gratifies both of us that we’ve been able to bring the issue of Stuart’s ride and its impact on the Gettysburg Campaign to the fore of discussion again.  Hopefully we’re causing students to look at the issue in a new and deeper light.  Really, folks, that’s what it’s all about.  The book could make it to the New York Times Bestseller List (hey, I can dream, right?) but neither of us would still ever even recover the finances we have in the research of the book.  But the attention the book and the subject has been garnering lately reaffirms the fact that our efforts can be rewarded simply with good feelings and positive comments.  That’s really all a historian wants anyway.

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