The era has passed

In a previous post, I had written about the last surviving horse cavalryman of WWI, Sam Goldberg, 100 years young and still spry as a whip.  Today, Jen DeLuca wrote a comment on that post:

How wonderful that you and so many others recognized Sam’s remarkable history when you did.  Sadly, Sam Goldberg passed away this past weekend.  I happened to find your site and thought I would let you know.  Sam was an amazing individual, sharp as a tack.  In fact, he was an “independent” resident until the very end if you can believe that.  Those of us at the assisted living community where he has spent the last decade plus, are fortunate to have known him and to have heard his many wonderful stories.  Several years ago I, along with a local reporter, interviewed Sam for an article on his role in the Cavalry.  He was 100 years old and yet he remembered dates and names like the back of his hand.  He really was a remarkable human being.

Thank you, Jen, for letting me know.  It sure sounds like Sam would have been a terrific guy to sit down and have a chat with.  As I mentioned in my post, when he dies it will be the end of a certain era – and that end has come.

Rest in peace, Sam, and here’s a kick of the spurs to you.

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  1. Indeed it has, and that’s sad.

    I will say Kaddish for Sam tonight.


  2. I believe somewhere he’ll appreciate that, Eric.

    I’m sure that retirement home is a little quieter place now, too.


  3. Rest in Peace Sam, you deserve it. May we meet someday in “Fiddler’s Green”.

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