Civil War Talk Radio today

Today, at 3pm EST, I will be the guest on Civil War Talk Radio hosted by Dr. Gerald Prokopowiczg.  We’ll be discussing the book on Stuart’s Ride, my website, reenacting/living history, and any other related topic that comes up.  I’m really looking forward to it – Gerry’s programs and guests have always been very interesting, and I’m quite honored and humbled to be asked to participate.

If you’re unable to listen to the program live (see the above link) you can easily download the archived version later today.  I hope the listeners enjoy the program!

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  1. J.D.,

    That’s 8pm my time. I’ll be listening!

    Best wishes,


  2. Listening to it as I type this… well done JD!

  3. Well, you made it through an hour-long interview. I didn’t know you could be so talkative. As a listener, it was an enjoyable hour well spent.

  4. LOL, Mark – I can definitely jabber 🙂 I guess I’m more comfortable speaking in front of people… I’m more of an interactive type guy… but after a few minutes I got used to the idea of being on the phone with listeners out in cyberspace somewhere. But the hour really flew. I couldn’t believe how fast it went.

    Mike, I’m glad you like the interview. Just wish we would have had more time!


  5. I noticed none of the archived files don’t have the phone calls included, just 3-part conversations with Gerry that perhaps all add up to 45-50 minutes. How are phone calls integrated into these programs… I’ve never listened to any of them ‘live’.

  6. JD:

    Great show! Looking forward to seeing you in April.


  7. Good job JD, I really enjoyed the program!


  8. Drew W.,

    Have listened to all of the programs, and have yet to hear anyone call up during the live show. Am guessing that is because of the early afternoon start time of the program. IIRC, yesterday was the first time they did not include the phone number you could call for the show.

    Hope all is well.

    Regards from the Garden State,

    Steve Basic

  9. Thanks guys!

    I don’t think the call-in portion happened (if it was ever planned) since both Gerry and I were at our respective homes calling in ourselves. Since Gerry wasn’t in the campus studio, maybe the logistics weren’t set up to take calls. I do know that the production of the shows are handled in California, so maybe call-ins were difficult to handle in this situation.


  10. J.D.,

    I finally got a chance to listen to the show last night. I thought you handled yourself very well. Listening to the first part of the program made me walk over to the bookshelf and pull out the book. I followed along with the maps as you and Jerry P. talked things over. I need to get to Stuart’s Ride in the near future. It keeps calling my name…


  11. Thank you, Brett! And yes, you better knuckle down and read the book 🙂

    Please let me know what you think of it when you’re finished.

    Best regards,

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