“Are you gonna keep barking, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?”

My DVD-purchasing saga continues.

A couple days ago, I picked up the 15th Anniversary release of the Quentin Tarantino masterpiece The Reservoir Dogs.  I hadn’t seen this movie since its release, and really looked forward to watching it again.  It’s a movie for which I’ve looked a long time, but didn’t run across on the rack until now.

The package, to a movie nerd like me, is way cool.  The 2-disc (2 discs!) set comes in a thin metal case resembling a gas can, just like the one used by Michael Madsen in one of the warehouse scenes.  Seeing this immediately evoked the “ooohs and aaahs” similar to seeing the Planet of the Apes TV show collection I posted about previously.  Inside the cool can, the double discs are secured inside a large flip-style matchbook, right from the restaurant in one of the opening scenes.  Oooh.  Aaah.

Reservoir Dogs is one of the greatest character study movies of all time, a true Tarantino masterpiece.  The use of “flashback” in this movie goes beyond the typical use, and is central to the way the story itself unfolds, as well as the character studies.

The movie also has very famous vignettes among afficianados of the film – such as Steve Buscemi’s rant on tipping waitresses, the “commode” story, and just about everything Madsen says.  The cinematics are awesome, despite the low budget – the Cadillac, in fact, belonged to Madsen; Tarantino didn’t even have enough money to buy a car.

No fancy digital effects, no big-money scenery – just an incredible character study with an ensemble of some of the greatest underappreciated characters of film – among them Buscemi, Madsen, Tim Roth, Harvey Keitel, Chris Penn, Lawrence Tierney, and Tarantino himself.  Also to be appreciated is the voice of comic Steven Wright (remember him?) as the radio DJ sprinkled throughout.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen this movie, or if you’ve never seen it at all, you may wish to check it out.  Just be forwarned that the violence and blood is heavy (the latter mostly on the floor, so to speak).  And if you’re going to buy it, by all means get the Special 15th Anniversary Edition, complete with gas can and matchbook packaging.  Oooh.  Aaah.

Tomorrow morning I’m off for Gettysburg yet again, this time for a book signing Saturday and Sunday at the Gettysburg Gift Center on Steinwehr Avenue.   Saturday from 2pm-5pm, Sunday 10am-2pm.  I’ll be hanging out with friends all weekend, and one can find us late into the night Friday and Saturday at one of our favorite hangouts, the Reliance Mine Saloon.  If we’re lucky, Bill Frassanito will be at our table once again, regaling us with more stories about his current World War II studies.

I’ll post a recap after I return.

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  1. It is a cool movie JD! Have a good time at Gettysburg, if I come up this weekend I’ll try and say Hi to you and Allan!

  2. I have recommended this movie to numerous friends. it always blows them away.

    Who knew Stealer’s Wheel would have such a comeback with that song…:)

    Dave Powell

  3. Dave,

    Indeed! The music is one of the great features of that movie, all picked in great Tarantino style. Also, in the Special Features of the DVD are three takes of alternative ways for the “ear cutting” to have been presented… 😉

    Mark, sorry I didn’t see you over the weekend. Saw several CWDGers who came for the Remembrance Day activities.


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