Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star Review

Michael Aubrecht, Jeb Stuart biographer and historian, had a wonderful review of Plenty of Blame to Go Around in the November 4 issue of the newspaper.  Click here to read the online version (it’s three pages total).  Co-author Eric Wittenberg and I are very appreciative of Michael’s detailed review and endorsement of the book.  About a month ago, a great review of the book appeared in the Washington Times, courtesy of historian and author Tom Ryan.  More reviews are forthcoming in several popular Civil War magazines, and in Civil War News, all of which we’re really anticipating.

Yesterday, on Saturday, as I previously blogged, I signed copies of the book at the Butternut&Blue table at the Gettysburg Autumn Show.  I had a terrific time.  B&B owner Jim McClean is a great guy, and we had an enjoyable day together.  We sold lots of the books, and I purchased several good books from him and other sellers.  If you’ve never been to one of these shows, or the many held in other areas, I encourage you to go.  I really enjoy looking at all the artifacts, weapons, letters, flags, acoutrements, and especially books!  These are the places you can often find that elusive item for your shelf or collection.  Several of the books I purchased will be very useful for my future work.  And I successfully snuck the bag of books into the house earlier today so my wife never noticed!

I think so, anyway.  Time will tell.

We’ve also recently updated the website on the book, located here.  We posted some snippets of recent reviews, as well as some future events for signings and talks.  Over the next few months, we also have some jointly written articles based on the book that will appear in magazines such as Civil War Times and Gettysburg Magazine.  Those of you who are subscribers or can find them at your local newsstand, please watch for them.  Each article will contain even a bit more detail, and some recent sources we acquired, that are not included in the book.

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  1. My pleasure J.D. All of these good reviews are a testament to the quality of this piece, and any accolade that you guys receive was earned by you and Eric’s efforts. You may not have seen the printed versions yet from the newspaper (copies were sent to your publisher), but the big quote that the designers used next to the cover photo says it all: “This is one of those rare instances when a book is able to satisfy even the most inquisitive reader.” I could have simply wrote that, and saved the other 1300 words. 🙂

  2. Thanks again, Michael! I will contact your editor about getting a hard copy of the review. The quote by the book cover is terrific!


  3. It must be a lot of fun for you and Eric to receive all the good reviews and Publicity! Do either of you feel any pressure now that you have a big hit on your hands to top the success of “Plenty of Blame”?


  4. Hey Mark,

    It’s very gratifying. I wasn’t familiar with the experience, obviously, until this – my first book – came out and received such supportive comments. Sort of like an artist who’s work is appreciated. You spend years writing researching and writing this thing, tweaking and editing it to the very end, to get it just right. And then when folks give you such nice reviews, it’s more gratifying than I can express in words. I’m really a story-teller at heart, and it really gives me a rush when someone says something nice about the book.

    One of the tellers at the local bank (who had probably read little historical works before) bought the book at a signing I had here in town last month. Yesterday, while I was at the bank, she told me about one of the little stories in the book dealing with a citizen and some of Stuart’s troopers after the battle at Hanover. She really thought it was interesting. We talked about it for a couple minutes, and it made me feel very happy that she’s been finding the human interest stories in the book so captivating.

    Any pressure? Well, sort of. The 3-volume history of all cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign that Eric and I just started on will prove, we hope, just as popular. We’ve already begun some of the chapters, and we’re both really excited about them. That same feeling we had when we started the Stuart’s ride book is happening all over again. We’re definitely going to put as much, if not more, effort into these volumes, and we think that folks will get much more of an appreciation for all things Gettyburg, not just the cavalry.


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