Books, books, and more books

Tomorrow (Friday) evening, I’m off to Gettysburg for the third time in a month.  On Saturday, from 9am to 5pm, I’ll be signing copies of the Stuart’s Ride book at the Butternut and Blue table at the Autumn Book Show.  The event will be held at the All-Sports Complex near the Eisenhower Farm.  It’ll be the first time I get to meet Jim McClean, owner of B&B.  He has sold many of our books, and I anticipate an enjoyable day.

This will be the first time I make this show – because of its proximity to the Remembrance Day event each year in November that I usually go to, I’ve never been able to attend before.  I’ll be meeting up with some good friends including author and historian Dave Powell that evening for dinner.  If any readers will be in town on Saturday, please stop by the show and say hello.

Hhmm.  Gettysburg.  Surrounded by thousands of books.  Try as I might, I just can’t come up with a downside to the scenario…

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  1. I would love to make this show but I can’t. I hope to make the Richmond civil war show later this month. Have a great time JD and sell lot’s of books. Jim and wife are nice people….I used to go to their house when they had a twice a year books sales and BBQ’s.

  2. It’ll be very nice to finally meet Jim. Have talked with him so much on the phone, it will be great to finally put a face with the name. I’d heard about the BBQ’s… maybe I can convince him to bring along some ribs 🙂


  3. Hope you had a good time and sold a few copies, JD, and welcome to the blogosphere! I hadn’t checked Eric’s in a couple of weeks, so this evening has been full of pleasant surprises. Just my luck on the timing of weekends — I’ll be up there next weekend to show the battlefield to a friend from out in Colorado. Do you have any other ecommendations on places in the vicinity to visit?

  4. Hi Don!

    Well, if you or the friend haven’t been to Antietam, it’s not far. Harper’s Ferry is also a great place to visit while in the area. Lots of history just a little ride into Maryland. There are still other activities going on around Gettysburg, so just check with some of the locals.

    The signing went very well – I signed over a dozen copies of the book for visitors, and also found quite a few books to buy myself. I found some terrific limited edition references I’ve been looking for, as well as some great reminiscences from the ’50’s and ’60’s that will prove very valuable to my work. In Jim McClean’s case – he “made out like a bandit” as he put it – I bought a load of books from him in addition to selling quite a few for him!

    It was a great weekend.


  5. Hello J.D. I’m new to your blog and I’m enjoying it very much. Not sure this is the best place for this question. Recently noticed that E. Longacre has ground out another biography, Joseph Wheeler. This one is soon to be released. I wanted to get your opinion and perhaps other blogger’s opinions concerning his vast number of books. What do you think of his books? I think most of his subjects needed biographies, just not sure he was the right person to do them?

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