Off to Gettysburg…

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning I head out of my western Pennsylvania home for the 3 1/2 hour drive to my second home, Gettysburg. That evening I speak to the Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable about the book on Stuart’s Ride. My co-author Eric Wittenberg is unable to attend with me due to caring for his (much) better half Susan, who injured a knee several days ago. I will miss being there with Eric, as I was really looking forward to doing this program with him. I know the Round Table members will be disappointed, but they will more than understand the circumstances.

I’ll be speaking about the book for a while, including the “story behind the story” – the several transitions that the manuscript went though until we completed the book as it is today. I think folks will find it interesting to hear about how the book started, and how we continually adapted our focus on it. Hopefully Friday evening, when I return, I’ll be able to post a recap of the meeting.

This will be the first of a few events in Gettysburg through November – on Saturday November 4, I will be signing copies of the book at the Butternut&Blue table at the Fall Show (All-Sports Complex near the Eisenhower farm). On Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19, Remembrance Day Weekend, I will be signing at the Gettysburg Gift Center (the former Wax Museum) on Steinwehr Avenue – Saturday from 12 to 4, and on Sunday from 10 to 2 right before Jeff Shaara. Luckily, that will give me time to see the program in the National Cemetery at 3pm on Sunday, featuring Tom Brokaw as speaker.

I’m really looking forward also to December 1 – that day I will be a guest on Civil War Talk Radio, speaking about the Stuart book and Civil War cavalry in general. That should be a lot of fun. I’ve really enjoyed the past programs and I appreciate such opportunities to speak about the book and my obsessional hobby – Civil War hoofbeats and cold steel!

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  1. Have a safe trip, and look forward to hearing you on CW Talk Radio as well.


  2. Good luck with the presentation. I know that you will give a great one.

  3. Thanks Bill and Steve – just put up a new post about the talk, it was a terrific night.


  4. Enjoy! Great book, and you should be proud.

    “The Mad Wargamer”

  5. Thank you, Scott – so I assume you got yours? 😉


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