“Say ‘ello to my little friend!”… again

Okay, one more post about older movies on DVD…

The same day my wife and I picked up the Planet of the Apes TV show DVDs, I also purchased DVDs of some favorite movies such as The Patriot and Scarface. I didn’t oohh and aahh at them like I did with the Ape offerings, however. You see, I already had Patriot and Scarface on DVD. Was I replacing them because my existing movies were damaged or never returned by one of my no-brother-good-in-laws? Nope, the ones in my collection were perfectly fine.

So, J.D., why buy the second copies? you ask. Lemme ‘splain.

These new DVD versions weren’t the plain old ones you can buy shortly after the movie is released, like the ones I already had. Oh no. This Patriot and this Scarface were “Platinum Editions,” and “Director’s Cuts.”

With these, I get to see those ten minutes of the film that didn’t play in theaters. Interactive menus, baby. Intensive “makings of.” Oh, and while watching Scarface, there’s a tracking program included in which I can keep track of how many times the “F” word is used. I knew my life wouldn’t be complete until I owned that little gem of a digital whopper.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. The movie companies wait a few years after selling those “crappy” regular DVDs of their movies (if you want an “F” word count, well then keep track on a piece of paper, Chester) and then they come out with these Platinum Extended Director’s Gold Special Boxed Silver Editions, making you buy it all over again. “Honey, I can sell my old DVD in the next garage sale,” I’ve been heard to say many times.

So, I guess I’ll keep buying the new versions, replacing my old ones. And if you come to the next garage sale at my house, you’ll see a table of its own with all kinds of DVDs for sale – and Patriot and Scarface will be among them. For a buck, you can keep track of the “F” word on a piece of paper, can’t you?

And, I guess when the new DVD packages of the movies Glory, Gettysburg, and Gods and Generals (maybe we’ll get to see the Antietam scenes after all) appear, I’ll snap them up. Then I can put the new Gettysburg DVD next to my old two-volume VCR tapes of the movie, the Boxed Collector’s edition VCR tape set of the movie, and that crappy old regular DVD of the movie. They’ve never seemed to make their way into the garage sales.

P.T. Barnum would be proud. Imagine what he could have done with DVDs…

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  1. J.D.,

    LOL. 🙂 In terms of “Gettysburg”, I have been told that I need to get the Japanese version of the DVD. Am waiting on the version that will most assuredly appear in the old Communist Bloc countries. “Ja Vol Herr Chamberlain”. 🙂

    Will just add, same thing for expanded movie soundtracks, and “Gettysburg” is a fine example, as I got the original cd here, and then of course bought the double CD expanded version as well.

    At least when we purchased the boxed collector’s vhs version set of “Gettysburg”, included was a real bullet from the CW..or so they tell me.:)

    You don’t think Ted Turner would lie to us?? 🙂


  2. So the million dollar question is: Exactly how many times is the “F” word used in the movie Scarface?

  3. The one I’m really waiting for is the Director’s Cut / Platinum Edition of “Gettysburg – Three Days of Destiny” (but that’s another story I guess!)

  4. Joshua,

    LOL – I watched it with the “F-Bomb” tracker already. Exactly 223 times.

    Now you know 🙂


  5. Mike,

    I heard it’s coming out – complete with outtakes, such as footage of the two of us preparing for our shoot by rolling around in the dirt and mud in our uniforms.

    I also hear that there will be bloopers in the Special Features… featuring Col. William Gamble on a “sinking” horse… 🙂


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